The Centro de Estudios en Hotelería Sustentable [Center for Study of Sustainable Hotels] is coordinated by Paola Claudia Simonetti, holder of a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Business Strategy (UMSA) and Project Management Professional (PMI – Project Management Institute).

She is a specialist in innovation leadership, multicultural teams and project management. She is currently focused on topics about urban resilience in Latin America – aspect closely related to sustainability.

She provides support and training to regional consultants -as well as to entrepreneurs, members of public agencies, chambers, and non-governmental organisations- in various topics. She had a special participation in tourism- and hotel-related activities through third sector organisations. For instance, she designed as a consultant the corporate social responsibility strategy of ITSALyC -Instituto de Turismo Sustentable de Latinoamérica y el Caribe [Institute for Sustainable Tourism of Latin America and the Caribbean], which is currently being implemented. Together, with a multidisciplinary and multicultural team, she participated in the development of the health tourism marketing plan for BEBKA –Tourism Government Agency-, in Bursa city (Turkey).

Finally, in 2015 she was a speaker at Sietar (multicultural event), guest professor at UCA [Argentina Catholic University] for the development of a branding communication and positioning plan for third sector organizations (Argentina) and in Ecuador y Colombia she delivered workshops for entrepreneurs in Leadership and Project Management topics.